Sunday, 14 June 2015


Luxury retail is a very exciting and challenging industry to work in. You can start as a sales associate and move up to a store manager and higher up but it involves a lot of hard work, talent and luck.

If you have decided to start a retail career or progress to a higher level, this site is for you.

In big megapolises like London, New Your or Paris competition in luxury industry is enormous. And it comes as a surprise to many people that working in luxury retail is considered to be a career and individuals who want it as a temporary job are not always welcome (unless you speak a desirable second language). People, who are passionate about the industry, are coming from all over the world with pure desire to be part of the luxury industry and to succeed in it.

Ether you are in luxury retail for a year or you are planning to build a professional career, you should concentrate on the right things.

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